Bosch IoT Insights

Master data management

The master data management offers a visualization of physically existing devices. The device data originates from Bosch IoT Things.

Access the master data management through the Devices tab of the Bosch IoT Insights user interface. Devices, their properties, status, components, and relations can be viewed and managed. Devices are clustered by device types. The device types can be enriched with various properties. The device type properties serve as default properties for all affiliated devices.


The device information is grouped in so-called information blocks. The information blocks represent the features stored in Bosch IoT Things. Information blocks and their properties can be configured individually for each device type.

Attributes of a Thing are reflected in the Thing Attributes information block.

Examples for information blocks:

  • General

  • Details

  • Images

  • Hyperlinks

  • Thing Attributes

Admins and managers can manage the permissions of users with the role user. Users can be restricted to view only specific device types and to edit only specific properties of a device type.

The Master Data Management functionality also offers a History view. The history view stores all changes that have been made to the device over time. It provides the following information:

  • Changed device

  • Change description

  • Date of change

  • User who made the change