Bosch IoT Insights


In Subscription, an overview of the project subscription information is provided:

  • Date of creation
    The date and time of when your Bosch Iot Insights service instance was created

  • Marketplace
    The ordering platform which was used to book the subscription

  • Booking user
    The user account that was used to book this service instance

    The account information always remains the same even if e.g. this user is not part of the project anymore.

  • Suite Portal Instance ID
    Instance ID of the Bosch IoT Suite portal which allows you to see an overview of all your Bosch IoT Suite subscriptions

  • Technical User ID
    Technical ID which can be used for API calls in other Bosch IoT Suite products

  • Plan
    Your current subscription plan

Proceed as follows

  1. Click the Admin menu item.
    → The Subscription tab is opened and displays the information of your project subscription.



You are assigned to the Manager role or higher.

Viewing your service subscriptions

Proceed as follows

Click the link provided with your Suite Portal Instance ID.

→ The Service Subscriptions page of Bosch IoT Suite is displayed.

Viewing the service plans

Click the link provided with your booked service plan.

→ The available service plans for Bosch IoT Insights are displayed.