Bosch IoT Insights

Device Details widget

Using the Device Details widget, devices and their device information can be displayed in a widget. The information blocks you configured in Managing information blocks will be available for you to add.



Proceed as follows

  1. Select the Device Details widget in the widget list.
    → The widget configuration page is displayed.

  2. Configure the settings as described below.

  3. Click the Add button.
    → The widget is added to the dashboard.

To create this widget, the following settings are mandatory to be configured:

  • Data Source

All other settings are optional.

Dashboard Settings

Open the Dashboard Settings pane to set how the widget is displayed in the dashboard.

  1. In the Size drop-down list, decide how much space the widget should take in the form of columns.

  2. In the Visibility drop-down list, decide whether the widget should be shown or hidden in the dashboard.

  3. In the Title field, enter a title for the widget.

General Settings

Open the General Settings pane to configure some general aspects for the widget.

  1. In the Widget Refresh Interval in Seconds field, enter a value in seconds after which the widget should be refreshed.

Data Sources

You can only add a single device.

Open the Data Sources pane to configure the data source for the widget.

  1. In the Type drop-down list, select a device type.

  2. In the Default Device ID field, select a device from the drop-down list or enter the device name.

  3. Click the Update Source button to display the widget preview.

Basic Display Options

Open the Basic Display Options pane to configure the displayed elements in the widget.

  1. De-/activate the Device title checkbox to hide or display the device name in the title.

  2. De-/activate the Primary image checkbox to hide or display the image in the title.

    Deactivate this option if you want to display the image stored in the Images information block.

Information Blocks & Properties

Open the Information Blocks & Properties pane to configure which information blocks will be displayed in the widget.

  1. Activate the checkboxes of the information blocks that shall be displayed in the widget.

  2. Use the move icon images/confluence/download/thumbnails/1915525788/icon_move.png to change the order of the information blocks.