Bosch IoT Insights

Project Stats widget

Using the Project Stats widget, statistics of a project can be displayed.



Proceed as follows

  1. Select the Project Stats widget in the widget list.
    → The widget configuration page is displayed.

  2. Configure the settings as described below.

  3. Click the Add button.
    → The widget is added to the dashboard.

Dashboard Settings

Open the Dashboard Settings pane to set how the widget is displayed in the dashboard.

  1. In the Size drop-down list, decide how much space the widget should take in the form of columns.

  2. In the Visibility drop-down list, decide whether the widget should be shown or hidden in the dashboard.

  3. In the Title field, enter a title for the widget.

General Settings

Open the General Settings pane to configure some general aspects for the widget.

  1. In the Widget Refresh Interval in Seconds field, enter a value in seconds after which the widget should be refreshed.

  2. In the Display Mode drop-down list, select the display mode.

    Data size + Input Count + Processed Count: Displays the size of the used storage (MB, GB) in the project, and the numbers of the stored input documents and processed documents

    Collection Type Sizes Chart: Displays the size of processed data, input data, and other data used by the project in a Bar chart

    Collection Type Count Chart: Displays the number of input documents, processed documents, and other data used by the project in a Bar chart