Bosch IoT Insights

Managing device access rights

You can manage the access rights of each device for each user role.

To manage the users in your Bosch IoT Insights' project, refer to the Users chapter.


The device policy must match the standard Bosch IoT Insights' format.

The configuration of access rights is only possible if the Bosch IoT Insights' default policy is used. The format of the default policy can be obtained in the Default Policy section of the Bosch IoT Things chapter.

Proceed as follows

  1. Open the device you want to manage the access rights of.

  2. Click the Access rights button.
    → The Access rights for <device> dialog is displayed.

  3. To edit the access right of a user role, click the drop-down list in the Access rights column.

    • Read only: The user whose user role has Read only permission is able to view the device.

    • Read & Write: The user whose user role has Read & Write permissions is able to view, modify, restructure, and removing the device.

      The user with the admin user role always has Read & Write permissions. This cannot be changed.

  4. To add a new user role to the device, click the Add new role drop-down list.

    1. Select the user role you want to add or click the Show more... button to view more user roles.
      → The user role is added to the list.

    2. In the Access rights column, select the permission for the user role.

  5. To remove a user role, click the Remove icon images/confluence/download/thumbnails/1612046489/icon_delete_blue-version-1-modificationdate-1614156001000-api-v2.png .
    → The user role is removed from the list.

  6. Click the Save button.
    → The access rights for the device have been updated.